Identity of the owner:
QUINTA DE GOLFO DE CORTEZ, S.A. DE C.V. and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries (hereinafter, THE DEVELOPER) with address in Corredor Turístico CSL-SJC Km. 18.5 Cabo Real, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México 23405 Tel.- 011 52 ( 624) 14-580-14; is a company committed to protect your privacy. Our Department of Personal information is responsible of the protection of your Data, office that is located at the same address, you could also contact this department on the following email address:
This Privacy Notice corresponds to the following web sites belonging to The Developer:
Personal Information
For the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice, The Developer can collect your personal information in several ways; when you provide the information to us directly; when you visit the website The Developer; when you use the online services offered by The Developer and when we get information through other sources different from the abovementioned and that are permitted by the applicable laws.
1. Identification Data: Name(s), Last name, address, home telephone number, cellular phone or work telephone number, marital status, signature, electronic mail, gender, age, birth date, user name and password.
2. Financial Data: Card holder name, credit card number, expiration date (in case of online transaction), social security number (it applies to United States and Canada).
3. Billing Data: Name or Corporate Name, Taxpayers Federal Registry (RFC for its initials in Spanish), corporate address.
4. Preference Data: Related to the room, required services and or reason or preferences of traveling.
Sensitive Personal Data
There are considered sensitive personal data those affecting the most intimate sphere of the owner, or whose misuse can lead to discrimination or involves a serious risk for the owner of said data. Particularly the information that reveals aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, health status and future, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral, union membership, political views, and sexual preference is considered as sensitive personal data. In the event of staying in our Vacation Club(s), the sensitive personal data that we will request from you will be those related to health or different abilities, same that will be used only to provide you a better service and to satisfy your specific needs.

Purpose and Treatment of the Personal Information
Purposes that give origin to a legal relationship and that are needed for the rendering of the service:
5. The personal information that you provide to us will be used by The Developer to render the services that you request or that are part of some program for which you have signed in, or a purchase you have made: reservations, scheduling a vacation club presentation, purchase of vacation packages, membership of vacation club, affiliation to our loyalty programs, organization of events and social reunions, purchase of products and/or touristic services, financing payment for the acquired membership.
6. The Developer may use the personal information that you provide us to offer you a better service and on its case, to identify your preferences during your stay and make it more pleasant.
Purposes that neither are the basis for a legal relationship, nor are necessary for the rendering of service:
7. Likewise, The Developer may use the information to offer you promotions and touristic and commercial products, promotion delivery, special services, newsletters, surveys, prize giveaways and other online contests.

Transfer of data:
To comply with the purposes provided in this privacy notice, as well as with the different purposes that may result compatible or of similar nature, the data controller needs to transfer personal data within the Mexican Republic and in some cases even to foreign countries. Each data controller commits to ensure the compliance of the legal principles of protection concerning the transfer of personal data, and expresses his/her commitment to respect at all times this privacy notice by us and our commercial partners.
Pursuant to this privacy notice, the owner accepts the transfer of his/her information, in the understanding that: (i) each data controller intends to transfer the personal data to national or foreign third parties, different from the person in charge, to whom said data controller will notify of this privacy notice, and the purposes for which the owner authorizes the data; and (ii) the third recipient will assume the same obligations that correspond to the person responsible for transferring the data, therefore the data treatment will be in accordance to the terms agreed in this privacy notice.
The national or international transfers of information can be performed without the owner´s consent, amongst other cases, as long as: (i) the transfer is made to holding, subsidiaries or affiliated companies under the common control of the data controller, or a parent company or any other society of the same group of the data controller operating under the same processes and internal policies; (ii) the transfer of information could be necessary by virtue of an executed contract or a contract to be executed in the interest of the owner, by the data controller and a third party; and (iii) that the transfer of information would be necessary for the maintenance and compliance of a legal relationship between the data controller and the owner.
Anyone of the data controllers may carry out personal data transfers, in addition to the aforesaid, including but not limited to, in favor of:
(a) Administrators of loyalty programs; (b) Commercial Partners with the purpose that said partners administrate and operate complementary services, such as insurance companies and airlines; (c) Corporations that operate some product or service in coordination with each responsible corporation; (d) Third parties operating with any of the data controller some software and any computer infrastructure that works as platform for the performance of operations and services; (e) Third parties service providers necessary for the operation of any of the data controllers, as well as commission agents who perform operations or render services that each data controller may execute pursuant to the Law and its corporate bylaws, included but not limited to: bank commission agents, data processing companies, shipping of marketing material companies (printed or electronic material), courier companies, safety and transportation of securities, advertising agencies, touristic services providers (such as airlines, hotels and auto rental companies), custody and safekeeping of information (physical or in electronic media), in order for these to assist to the implementation of the purposes referred to in this privacy notice; and (f) Professionals, external advisors or consultants, for the purposes of the management of operations, services and other acts that each person in charge may perform in accordance to the law and its bylaws, as well as for the defense of the interests of any data controller before any legal dispute that may arise as a result of said operations and services, such as collecting agencies or legal and accounting external auditors.

Limitation to Use or Disclosure of Personal Information
At any time, you may express your refusal to the treatment of the purposes that do not generate a legal relationship or that are not necessary for the rendering of a service or good, to revoke the consent granted to us to treat your personal data you must submit your request in writing, addressed to the Department of Personal Information at the following address: Corredor Turístico CSL-SJC Km. 18.5 Cabo Real, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México 23405 Tel.- 011 52 ( 624) 14-580-14 9 to 14 hours from Monday to Friday or to the electronic mail:
Said request shall include at least the following: (I) Name of the holder (owner) of the personal data, (II) Electronic mail to receive notifications, (III) Documents that prove your identity or on its case the identity of the legal representative of the holder, (IV) Precise and clear description of the personal information of which you would like to exercise the right and the right you intend to exercise, (V) Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the data. In the event that the request does not comply with any of the abovementioned requirements, within the 5 days following to the reception of the request, the Department of Personal Information may request to provide the necessary elements or documents to continue with the process. You shall have 10 days to comply with the requirement(s), in case of not having an answer from you within said term, then such request will be considered as not submitted.

It would take us a maximum of 20 working days, following the date of receipt of your request, to inform you about the resolution taken, so that in the event that your request is feasible, we will proceed accordingly within a term of 15 days following the date on which we issue our response. With the purpose of protecting your confidentiality, The Developer will send the answer to your request to the electronic mail that you provided for such effect, and will keep said answer available for you at the address appointed in the previous paragraph.

About the Exercise of the Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Objection
The access, rectification, cancellation and objection in regard to the information that you provide to The Developer, established in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Private Companies, shall be made through the notice in writing addressed to The Developer under the terms of the requirements mentioned in this notice under section E, same that will be replied under the terms referred therein.

Control and Safekeeping of the Personal Information.
The Developer is bound to take the necessary measures to protect the information gathered, using security technologies and control procedures for the access, use or disclosure of your personal information without authorization, for example: by storing the personal information provided on servers located in Data Centers that have limited access controls. For online transactions, we also use security technologies that protect the personal information that it is transmitted to us through the several electronic media such as the use of a safe server under the protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
However no security system or data transmission on which the company has no control and/or has dependency with internet can guarantee that it is completely safe.

Electronic media and cookies
In the event that you use electronic media in regard to your personal information there will be cookies generated with the purpose to provide you a better service.
The cookies are small pieces of information that are sent through the website to your browser.
The cookies will be stored in the hard disk of your computer and are used to determine your preferences when you connect to the services of our websites, as well as to keep track of certain behaviors or activities performed by you within our websites.
In some sections of our website we request to the client to have cookies enabled since some functions require of them to be able to work. The cookies allow us: a) to recognize you at the moment you access our websites and to offer you a personalized experience, b) to know the personal configuration of the site specified by you, for example, the cookies allow us to detect the bandwidth that you have selected at the moment of accessing the home page of our websites, in such manner that we know the type of information that it is advisable to download, c) to calculate the size of our audience and to measure some traffic parameter, as each browser that gets access to our websites acquires a cookie used to determine the frequency of use and the sections of the visited websites, reflecting that way your habits and preferences, information that it is useful to improve the content, the headers and the promotions for users. The cookies help us too to keep track of some activities, for example, in some of the surveys that we launch online, we can use cookies to detect if the user has not filled the survey and avoid displaying it again, in case it has already been displayed. The button “help” that is in the tool bar of most of the browsers, will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable all the cookies. However, the cookies will allow you to take advantage of the most beneficial features that we offer you, for which we recommend you to have them enabled.

Changes to this Privacy Notice
The Developer may, at any time, update this privacy notice. In the event that there are substantial changes to this notice, we will notify it through our website appointed in section A of this Privacy Notice.
For the foregoing, we suggest you to periodically visit this privacy notice to be aware of any update.
Last updated: October 10, 2015.

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